I'm on the same boat Chrono Trigger is, not only my favorite game of all time, but the one I've beaten most times. It's a perfect combination of awesomeness in music, story, gameplay, characters and art with the perfect length and number of battles (once I played CT I could never EVER go back to those awful random… » 1/25/13 7:26am 1/25/13 7:26am

Back in the days I had a SNES and always was defending its superiority among friends at schoool. Aladdin was an exception, the Genesis version was just SO much better it made me jealous! Luckily my cousin had a Genesis and we exchanged consoles every now and then for a while, so I could get to play it a lot. » 6/30/12 8:04am 6/30/12 8:04am